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      Back Anit-block Masterbatch
      1. Product Description :
      Anit-block Masterbatch is made by several kinds of addictives through specific technical process. It can be used in a variety of polymers – PE, PP, EVA, etc.  It offers the advantage of both slip and anti-blocking performance in the plastic processing.
      2. Product Mechanism:
      After adding this product to the plastic, an extremely thin film can be formed on the surface layer of plastic, this film has many excellent features, such as smooth, lubricating, anti-blocking, anti-static, anti-fouling, anti-humidity, anti-precipitation. 
      3. Application:
      It has been suggested for in PP, EVA and PE formed plastic film packaging items that need high transparency property, such as bubble bag, disposable gloves, bone bag, flat bag, packaging film, agricultural film and so on.
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