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      Back Masterbatch for Woven Bag
      High Filling Masterbatch for Woven Bag JH-206A
      In order to find the solutions to the problems of low whiteness, large dust, environmental pollution, low tensile strength, serious wear on blade, and poor evenness of woven bag, we have developed this masterbatch, JH-206A, which is made by using PE as carrier and inorganic superfine powders as filler, suitable for the filling and modification of polypropylene woven bag and ton bag. 
      With its advantages such as non-toxic, odorless, no dust, large loading quantity, good dispersion and high whiteness, JH-206A is suitable for use in woven bag, and it can reduce cost greatly.

      1. Appearance: White pellet          Pellet size: ? 3*4 mm
      2. MFR:3~20g/min  ( Can be customized according to customers’requirement )   
      3. Whiteness:≥85%                  Density:1.6~1.8g/cm3
      4. Moisture:≤0.3%     
      5. Dispersity:No solid granules

      The adding rate recommended
      Fertilizer and feed woven bag: 10~15%,   maximum dosage:25%
      Cement woven bag: 10~25%,           maximum dosage:35%
      Export package woven bag: 10~15%,     maximum dosage:18%
      Ton woven bag: 8~10%,                maximum dosage:15%

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