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      Back Masterbatch for HDPE Pipe
      1. Product Description
      JH-900 is extruded by using polyolefin as carrier, several kinds of inorganic superfine powders as filler, premixed with additives before processing.  JH-900 masterbatch is designed specifically for HDPE winding pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe and manhole cover. It can improve their rigidity, toughness and intensity. It also solves the problem that the rigidity of HDPE can’t   reach S2 standard in hot summer.
      2. Features
      1. Improve end products in their ring stiffness(will raise it from 6.5~7KN/M2 to more than 8.5KN/M2), ring flexibility (8/8 not broken). 
      2. Reduce the material costs without sacrificing end products’ quality.
      3. Bring for the end products good surface finish, dimensional stability.

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