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      Back Masterbatch for Film Blowing
      Product introduction
      JH-205 is based on PE and talc powder, mixed by the dispersant and other special additives, treated by coupling agent. So the filler has the property of high fineness, high transparency, good dispersion and odorless. The mechanical properties of the end product can be well kept even with high JH-205 loading rate. JH-205 also can bring for the film whiteness, transparent, glossy and smooth’s surface.
      The plastic transparency of end product will not be affected after proper addition of JH-205(Less than 50%).

      Application and the recommended adding rate
      JH-205 can be used in the end product which with thickness from 0.01 mm to 2mm.
      1. It is suitable for blowing film based on HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and BOPP.
      2. It can be used for extrusion molding in products such as packaging film, supermarket coil bag, green house film and agricultural film.
      3. Also it can be applied in Plastic Woven Bag PP and PE pipe extrusion, Blow Molding and so on.

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